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1. Why laser can make the skin better?
When the laser radiation to the skin will produce heat, a different degree of absorption of laser with different wavelengths, so the laser energy can stimulate collagen recombinant hyperplasia to improve the skin problems such as oil secretion, acne, pigmentation, pores, fine lines etc…

2. How many different types of pigments?
There are freckles, sunburn, age spots, pigmentation, chloasma and zygomatic spot.

3. How does pigment form?
When the skin is sustained by the ultraviolet radiation damage, the skin will produce melanin from protection.However, with the increase in age, the metabolism slows down and the body could not excess melanin excretion, so freckles and stains or other problems will be appeared. If the black spots formed, it is not easy to disappear. In addition to the ultraviolet ray, female hormone, living pressure, improper use of cosmetics, visceral organ dysfunction, improper diet are the reasons produce melanin.

4. Do freckles appear again after the laser treatment?
Under normal circumstances, the stain will be reduced after the completion of laser treatment. In the daytime, the skin is still under ultraviolet light irradiation. Therefore, please take sunscreen SPF 30 for sunscreen protection before you going out. Thus will reduce UV damage and prevent freckles or sun spots formed again.

5. What are the causes of losing firmness?
There are two kinds of proteins in the dermal layer of the skin, collagen and elastin proteins, which prop up the skin. As the number of collagen and elastin fibers in our skin decrease, skin gradually loses its youthful after 25 years old. Between the cell to cell fiber degradation and cause the skin loses flexibility, decreased skin support.

6. What kind of wrinkles?
There are 2 types of wrinkles: dynamic wrinkles appear with facial expressions and disappear when the face is at rest, static wrinkles are deeper and persist even when there is no facial expression.

7. Do wrinkles be decrease?
Botox - is usually the first choice for dynamic wrinkles, especially in the upper face, with predictable improvement and quick results.
- May consider using hyaluronic acid dodge tiger or lips fine lines.
- It can also be used with caution for some wrinkles in the lower face and lips fine lines.
- Static wrinkles are treated with a combination of Ultherapy / Sculptra / 4D Ultra V Lift to tighten and lift the skin in  and around the wrinkles/folds.
- Daily protection is also very important, avoiding UV rays and adhering to a "smart" skincare regimen are all recommended and use a products contains vitamin C&E.

8. What is the dose of Sculptra for the whole treatment?
Depending on the skin and the skin quality to be improved, it will be divided into 3 – 4 sections with the use of 3-6 bottles doze.

9. What are the causes of dark circles?
- Genetic constitution and physiological structure related:
-The dark circles are formed mainly due to the accumulation of blood around the eye rim and the skin around the eye rim is thin. In addition to the lack of sleeping time, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, venous blood flow velocity is too slow which would darken the dark circles as well.
- Pigmented black rim of the eye, usually due to physical, genetic, skin allergies, chronic skin inflammation or incorrect maintenance of make-up, leading to pigmentation in the eye frame around, resulting in dark circles.

10. How does acne formed?
Acne are the reason of follicle inflammation, there are 4 kinds of factors are as following:
- Blocked Follicle caused by abnormal follicle infected
- Too much sebum may cause oily hair and skin
- Infection of the hair follicles partly caused by Active acne Bacillus in hair and skin
- Folliculitis caused by infection of the hair follicles

11. How to treat acnes?
There are different reasons why acnes formed. Acne is a skin disorder that involves skin eruptions, inflammation and redness, therefore, the acne treatment have to be individualized and cannot just try to use the normal skin care products to cure acnes. Generally speaking, everyone should follow the trips listed below to avoid the deterioration of acne :-
(I) Do not squeeze
(II) Concern with the personal hygiene. If the oil secretion on the face is more, you can cut your hair into short hair style in order to avoid the long hair with the direct contact with the face.
(III) Select the appropriate skin care products, such as BHA or AHA ingredients products which will improve the pore blockage and keratinocytes, reduce skin inflammation subject to clear understanding of your skin.

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