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   Meso Gun Treatment

Korean New Trend   Skin Hydrating Aid Station
Today South Koreas most hit non-surgery skin care treatment for Korean popular superstars!
Meso Gun injection is the use of the Swedish original Restylane Vital, direct injection into the skin.  As Hyaluronic Acid containing 200 to 300 times of water in our body to hydrating our skin after injection, it can be used with diversified products (such as Botox / vitamin C / Placenta / growth factor ... etc) to tailor the different treatments at the same time.  Due to long-term stay in the dermis, Hyaluronic Acid can stimulate the regeneration of collagen and enhance the ability of the skin repairing system.  According to the experiment found that Hyaluronic Acid can stimulate Fibroblast for the proliferation of Neocollagenesis for skin firming and tightening effects.

Use BellaVita lnjector, Meso Gun injection is a technology innovation via precise mechanical control for intensive coverage of the treatment area which can tailor-make treatment program to individual requirement and demand that allow you to obtain a stable and satisfactory result.

Meso Gun injection is a unique suction compression injection.  It can inject in the intradermal in order to replenish the dermis moisture as the skin booster to make the skin becomes supple and hydrolifting.

Treatment schedule
Improvement period:  four to six times as one treatment (once a month), it is able to maintain more than one year.

Maintenance period:  can be injected once four to six months, to maintain the delicate skin. 
  • Minimize the wrinkles around face, neck and hand areas
  • Tighten pores, enhance skin elastic and smoothing the skin
  • Improve wrinkles around eyes and mouth areas
  • Enhance hydration, leave the skin smooth and luminious.

*Treatment results varies, Beauty Infinite reserves the right of final decision.

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